An Added Blessing (to the Murals)

1812-muralIn preparation for the June 18th mural dedication, workers from the Village of Sodus Point, put up the mounting frame for the mural on the firehouse. On May 8th around 7 PM, Bruce Farrington (mural coordinator) was driving toward downtown what he saw was very startling. The shadow of the cross from the nearby Sodus Point Episcopal church (see below) was just above and to the right of the Native American Fishing mural. Watching it for several minutes, he observed that the shadow of the cross moved at about a 45 degree angle from left to right. Based on this, he realized that earlier in the day it would transition across our first mural. The next day (May 9th) Bruce and his wife Edith did indeed observe this transition beginning at approximately 6 PM and lasting for about ½ hour as the shadow of the cross moved from the lower left hand side of the mural to the upper right side of the mural. It was very cool!  As they watched the transition occur, the question came up as to whether or not the sun would move far enough to create a transition on the new mural later on.


Unfortunately, this question would remain unanswered for 3 weeks as Bruce and Edith were away on a trip. During the time they were away on the trip, this question was debated quite a bit by them. On the second day of the trip, Bruce suddenly realized that the transition on the first mural occurred 45 days before the Summer Solstice (June 21) therefore the same transition should occur again 45 days after the Summer Solstice on August 3rd . Also these transitions would occur at the same dates every year as long as it was a sunny day. How cool is that! On June 1st (another sunny day!) they were back at the murals and anxiously awaiting to see where the shadow of the cross would go. To their delight, at 6:21 PM  the shadow of the cross was transitioning the mounting frame where the 2nd mural would be mounted on June 9th!